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Game Night is the banned public access television programme about the evolution of video games into the Metaverse. Play Along!

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The 10 episode series follows the world's most popular game streamer, Zane Melrose, who one night is paid by a mysterious entity called METAVISION to stream their new immersive horror game DO NOT DISTURB. But as Zane will soon learn, the lines between virtual and reality are easily blurred.

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Reanimations is a daytime talkshow featuring the great scientist turned host Sage McMichael. In this exhilarating program, Sage asks the question: Must death be the end? His answer? REANIMATIONS – using the latest in real-time graphics and artificial intelligence, Sage brings your loved ones BACK. TO. HIGH-DEFINITION. LIFE! Filmed in front of a real live studio audience

About Us


Hello! Thank you for coming to my humble website. It is here that I present to you what is left of METAVISION, the mysterious public access television channel that broadcast for an indefinite period of time in the past and which aimed to usher in a new era of “virtual television.” It was a truly utopian exercise in media in that anyone could contribute to it and there were no restrictions on content other than it had to be “virtually produced or else fundamentally correlated with our virtual future.”


The bold vision of a virtual television network combined with irresponsibly lax content restrictions led to one of the boldest experiments in media ever recorded and the artists, writers, performers and producers who contributed to METAVISION were extreme in both their creativity and revolutionary spirit. And so for a brief moment in time there flourished an alternate universe in television so radical in its contents that the mere existence of METAVISION has been actively concealed by Megaliths, Tech Titans, and other Third Parties.


It is our goal here to excavate the broadcast lineup of METAVISION in its entirety, even the most disturbing of its contents. Some of the programs contained within have aged poorly and will indubitably offend modern sensibilities, while others appear to have been imbued with a prescience that many will find hard to believe. It’s our belief that all of the contents are worth preserving as together they tell the story of something spectacular; a mad experiment gone right and wrong, a vision both beautiful and horrible, and a dimension to television that nobody ever knew existed. With your help, we will be successful in our mission.

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